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Avail Our Best Possum Removalist To Catch The Possums In Canterbury 

Pest Control Canterbury experts provide complete possum removal services in Canterbury. Moreover, our possum removal Canterbury team is qualified and licensed to carry out possum removal services. Also, without causing any harm to the possum, our possum control Canterbury removalist humanely traps the possum. Secondly, the possum catcher Canterbury team is having reliable and effective methods to catch possums and release them properly (at least 50m away). So, to book our removalist to trap the possum, simply dial the toll-free number today itself! 02 3813 8559!

Book Our Affordable Possum Catching Solutions For Residential And Commercial Properties And Prevent Future Infestation 

Possums are native to Australia and are easily found in both residential and commercial places. Our possum removal Canterbury cost is extremely affordable for both residential and commercial places. Moreover, we cover all hospitals, care centres, restaurants, offices and schools to remove possums for good. Secondly, for real estate, condos, and apartments we provide possum removal services as well. Also, the level of infestation will not affect the cost of the possum removal services. Additionally, our local experts provide 24×7 booking of services even on weekends and holidays. So, don’t stress over removing possums and let our experts do it for you. Also, now you can rely on our possum pest control Canterbury experts to assist you with the possum problems in Canterbury! 

Why Is It Essential To Remove Dead Possum? 

It is extremely crucial to remove dead possums from your home. Moreover, if a possum dies inside your home then it can stink for up to 2 to 3 months. Also, you will notice flies around the dead possum, which also carries infestation and contaminates your food as well. Secondly, having a dead possum at home makes your home unhygienic and stinking. Therefore, this situation allows you to get sick because of the strong smell and also unhygienic environment.

Dead possums are an invitation to other common pests as well, which in return make your house infested by other pests. Dead possum removal Canterbury experts carefully handed the dead possum and removed it from your property. Also, we clean up the area and sanitize it perfectly. You can easily book our emergency same-day services, where our experts show up at your doorstep according to your convenience. Therefore, we save your time and also the hassle to remove dead possums from your property. So, don’t let the dead possum lie around for too long and immediately book our dead possum removal services in Canterbury! 

End-To-End Possum Catching & Removing Process That We Follow In Canterbury 

For possum removal, our company excels with having highly experienced removalists. Moreover, our experts have the best way to handle all the possum’s situations carefully and effectively. Secondly, our possum control Canterbury experts follow a particular procedure that helps in making the catching successful. Here is our full possum removal procedure that our local experts follow in Canterbury 

  • Inspection 

When you book our possum removal services, our experts show up at your doorstep to carry on a proper inspection. Moreover, the inspection includes identifying possible entry holes for the possum which is giving them entry into your property. Also, we check out their hiding spots during the inspection.

  • Removal

After the inspection, we humanely deal with the removal. To remove possums we first block the ways so that they do not escape. Therefore, by trapping methods we successfully catch them. Moreover, we also seal the entry holes of the possum after the removal. Usually, we release possums 50m away from the capturing site. Secondly, this helps in avoiding future possum entry on your property.

  • Clean up

After possum removal, we ensure to clean the entire area out of its urine and droppings. Additionally, this helps in removing the odour which ensures no other possum follows the scent. 

Why Are We The Best Choice To Remove Possum From Your Property In Canterbury?

If you have already tried to remove possums and none of the techniques is working and is thinking about hiring a professional! Then you can hire us! There are multiple reasons to choose our possum removal experts in Canterbury! Here are some of the top reasons why you should hire our professionals for possum removal in Canterbury 

  • Possum control Canterbury experts provide 24×7 emergency and same-day services. Moreover, you can book our services even on weekends and holidays. 
  • Our possum catcher Canterbury has years of experience in removing possums. 
  • The techniques we use to catch possums are extremely safe and follow the government guidelines.
  • Our removalists use advanced tools for possum removal.
  • The possum removal services are extremely affordable for all the residents of Canterbury.

Book Same-Day Emergency Possum Catcher in Canterbury 

If a possum enters your property and you need urgent possum removal services in Canterbury, then we got you covered! Our possum pest control Canterbury experts provide emergency services on the same day and show up at your doorstep according to your convenience. Moreover, we are a leading possum control company and we understand the safety measures that need to be taken to remove possums. Secondly, our removalists provide excellent effective and safe possum removal services for the same day. So, book our emergency same-day possum removal services today in Canterbury!


How do I get rid of possums on the roof? 

You can simply book our possum removal experts, who will access your roof, create a trap and catch the possum. Moreover, our experts will seal the entryway of the possum to avoid future infestation and clean up the space. 

How many types of possums do you handle in Canterbury? 

Mostly there are two common species of possums found in Canterbury, the brushtail possum and ringtail possum. Our experts handle both of them and remove them safely from your property. 

Do D.I.Y methods work to remove possums? 

We will not recommend trying any D.I.Y methods as it can make the possums hide even deeper. Moreover, it is illegal to kill possums. Therefore, letting the experts handle it, is the best choice.

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