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Having A Beehive Or Wasp Nest On Your Property? Book Our Removalist Today In Canterbury! 

Pest Control Canterbury provide services to remove bee hives and wasp nests in Canterbury. Moreover, bee and wasp removal Canterbury experts are licensed. Therefore, with proper knowledge, we ensure to completely remove the bees and wasps. Also, to get rid of wasp nests we use personal protective equipment and ensure your safety at all times. Our bee hive removal technicians identify the whereabouts of bee hives and nests and carefully remove them from your property. Moreover, our wasp bee hive removal service is extremely affordable for all the residents of Canterbury. Dial, 02 3813 8559 today to remove bees from your house in Canterbury.

Types of Bees And Wasps We Deal With And Remove In Canterbury 

  •  Honey Bee

They are yellow or golden brown with black colour stripes on their body. Plus, their legs are completely black. Our bee exterminator uses the spray technique to get rid of all the bee nesting leftovers and carefully relocate them. Moreover, spraying the area with proper insecticides helps to avoid any future infestation.

  • Bumble Bee (Bombus spp.)

Bombus species are large and have a fuzzy sound. Moreover, they have yellow and black hairy bodies and sometimes even orange in colour. Our bee pest control experts use dust and wettable powder pesticides to get rid of bumble bees.

  • Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa virginica)

These have a similar appearance to bumble bees. But they lack any fuzzy appearance like the bumble bees. Also, they have a more shiny black dorsum. After pesticide, we repaint the infected area of the wood to prevent reinfestation

  • Paper Wasps (Polistes spp.)

The paper wasps are the most common species found in Canterbury. Secondly, the body is divided into three segments: the head thorax and abdomen. They possess six legs and build paper-like nests. Our wasp nest removal experts carefully remove all the nest material and clean the entire area.

  • Yellowjackets (Vespula spp., Paravespula spp.)

They are small stinging insects and look similar to wasps. But they are having blackheads and a yellow and black pattern across their abdomen area. Also, they are around 3 to 5 inches in length with six legs and 2 segmented antennae. With a proper treatment plan, our experts use chemical spray to remove all the yellow jackets.

  • Hornets (Dolichovespula maculata and Vespa crabro)

They have a reddish-brown head with a thorax. The abdomen is golden with dark brown stripes across it. Secondly, the hornets are social insects. We use non-chemical methods when possible to remove hornets and chemical treatments to exterminate them completely.

How Our Removalists Manage Bees and Wasps In Canterbury?

Our bee and wasp removal Canterbury team follows a proper procedure to ensure there is no further infestation at your property. Here is our full procedure for managing bees and

wasps in Canterbury

Inspection of the area of nests and hives

After you book our wasp specialist for wasp and bee removal, our certified pest control removalist will show up at your doorsteps. Moreover, during the inspection, we find out the whereabouts of the bee and the wasp and try to find out the source. While inspecting the wasp exterminator ensures to identify the species and their habitat to provide an excellent control method. 

Our bee control services expert comes to your place to take a look at your property for the infestation. Accordingly, our bee collector plans a proper set of treatments and ensures your safety at all times. 

● Removal of bees and wasps around

To remove the beehives and wasp nests we ensure personal safety and get proper tools. With advanced tools made just to remove the hives and the nest, local wasp nest removal technicians carefully remove all the bees and wasps from your property.

● Removal of nests and bees

After removing the wasps and bees from around the hive and nest, we now move to take down the nest and the hive from your property. With proper gear, we successfully get to the nest and the hive and remove it entirely, followed by cleaning up the infected area. 

● Destroy the nest, if required

If the nest is not coming out and the wasps and bees have been removed or if the infestation is uncontrollable, we destroy the nest by being extremely careful. 

● Final Inspection 

The final inspection ensures the infested area is clean and no hives or nest pieces are left around. Along with this we also ensure no bees and wasps are left behind. 

How Do Bees Build Their Hives And Wasps Their Nests On Your Property? 

Wild honeybees carefully choose a place to build their hives. Now this involves a properly constructed hive in a hollow wood or rock crevice in your outdoor garden. Moreover, the underside of the roofs and a place where there is an element of protection is where the hives are built usually. Also, honey bees build their hives from the top and move downwards. Secondly, for wasps, look for tree branches in your yard and start building their nest. Also, use several materials which are present there on your property to build their nest up. 

Book Our Same-day Bees and Wasp Control Services in Canterbury 

For relocating the hives and wasp nests our bee hive removal experts provide same-day emergency services. So, if you have any urgency and need the beehive to be removed, we provide excellent removal services in Canterbury for all emergencies. Also, as soon as you book our same-day services to remove bees and wasps from your property, our bee and wasp removal Canterbury experts show up at your doorstep according to your convenience. Moreover, our booking is available 24×7 even on holidays and weekends. Avail of our local expert services at an affordable price in Canterbury.


Can bees infest the same area again? 

Yes. If the infected area is not cleaned after removing the nest, it is more likely that the bees will build up their hive again at the same spot. 

Why should I Pest Control Canterbury experts for bee and wasp removal?

We offer a range of affordable services along with trained and certified experts. Moreover, we use proper gear and tools to deal with bees and wasps with full safety. 

Are wasps dangerous?

Yes. When they sting you it causes inflammation and itches a lot. Moreover, it is quite painful.

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