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Are you noticing a large bird infestation on the roof of your office or home? Need quick help to remove them? Hire the most trusted pest control company in Canterbury – Pest Control Canterbury. We are a specialist in build removal. Our experienced pest control team uses customized bird barriers and other proven techniques. Our Bird Removal Canterbury team work smartly to make your roof, balcony, and other areas bird-free. Our bird proofing method will give you peace of mind. Also, our bird pest control solution will ensure that there is no recurrence of birds on your property. 

To offer you an effective outcome, our team will thoroughly do the inspection and carry out the bird removal procedure accordingly. Our bird nest removal process is very safe, we always take care of the people living on the property while doing our job. Get to know more about our Bird Removal Canterbury services, by dialling us on 02 3813 8559

Why Bird Proofing Your Home And Business Is Essential? 

Birds are known to contaminate the property during their nesting process. Besides the dropping of birds can cause some serious allergens to the employees in the office and your loved ones at home. Also, birds might attack if they are disturbed by humans. A few other reasons why it is very important to go for a bird-proofing mesh are as follows: 

  • In order to follow the safety and health guidelines issued by the government, bird removal becomes necessary in business areas. 
  • Many properties also face a lot of damage as the bird nesting and their materials can sometimes clog the pipes and create hazards around the electrical pipes. 
  • Over years, many residents of Canterbury have faced illness due to the mess created by birds as well by their droppings.

Signs Of Bird Infestation In Your Area

There are various types of birds found which live and wander around the commercial and residential properties. One of the common and social birds is Pigeons. You can mostly spot them around your areas. Also, if you are suspecting bird infestation on your property then the below-given signs can help you to be sure about it: 

  • One of the common signs of bird infestation is the noises made by birds. If you are continuously hearing the bird noises, then there is a bird infestation around.
  • Birds are also known to do damage to your property by their dropping and excrement. If you find any bird waste, then it is also a sign.
  • If your gutter lines and drains are blocked due to the pigeon feathers and their other waste, then do not hesitate to reach out to professionals for pigeon pest control.
  • Birds also create nests in the small gaps and different corners of your property to protect themselves and their chicks. So, you can check for their nest in and around your property for a sign. 

What Our Expert Team Do To Protect Your Property From Birds?

Our professional team has removed many birds from different properties over years. Besides, they have the proper knowledge to use the right technique for bird proofing proof. With our flawless bird control Canterbury, we make sure our clients get a great value for their money. So, we follow the below-given step wise process for bird removal: 

  • Inspection Of Building: To get detailed information about the bird’s activities on your premise, we do a thorough inspection.
  • Apply Bird Deterrents And Nests: After a thorough inspection, according to the type of bird and the size of the infestation, we thoroughly use the net and deterrents.
  • Spikes Usage: We install highly effective bird spikes to keep the birds away from your property.
  • Follow Up: Our team will come to your place for a few days to take a follow-up. We will thoroughly check whether the treatment is working well. Besides, we will only stop coming to your place, once you are happy with the results. 

We Are A Budget-friendly Bird Removal Sevice Provider In Canterbury

We are available to offer a wide range of bird control services. Moreover, our team can remove all types of birds in Canterbury such as pigeons, house sparrows, Australian cattle egret, little crow, and many more. Our bird removal prices are the cheapest in Canterbury. Though our prices are very reasonable, you will never find us delivering a low-quality bird removal service to our clients. Our bird nest removal cost we apply will be in your budget. Moreover, the cost of our service will vary depending on various factors including the type of birds, the size of the infestation, the kind of situation, and also the time consumed. We are available to give a free quotation over the call 24*7. So to know our prices, you can call us anytime. 

Why Prefer Our Company For Bird Removal Canterbury Needs?

Removing birds need a lot of experience and expertise, and our Bird Removal Canterbury team has both things. We never break the trust of our clients and offer them an outstanding bird control service. Other reasons to choose our company are as follows: 

  • We are a licensed and authorized bird pest control company. 
  • We have a team of experts to remove birds. 
  • Get a cost-effective and highly affordable bird removal service.
  • We give quick and same-day service. 
  • We work on weekends and holidays too. 


1) Are your bird removal techniques safe?

Yes, we have a skilled team who follows a safe process while removing the birds. Your safety is our first concern so without any hesitation you can book our service. 

2) Do you provide your service in the North part of Canterbury?

Our local bird removal team works in all the places of Canterbury. You can simply share your location and we will reach out to you soon. 

3) Do you guys also remove birds from the garden areas?

Yes, we use highly effective solutions or bird deterrents for gardens. We ensure that your garden is protected well and is safe from hirds. 

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